Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Garage Sale - Asking for your Suggestions/Opinions

My mom, sisters and I are preparing for a garage sale.  The last time we had one it was rainy and sunshing off and on - and when the sun came out it nearly lit us on fire it was so dang hot.  We sold some stuff but it wasn't the HUGE success we really wanted.

The sale is going to be 4/13-4/14 in my yard this time, it was at my sister's house last time.  We are going to pull out a bookcase for the books.  I think they will sell better on a bookcase.  We are getting lots of tables for the kitchen/household misc items.

We thought we would offer "bundle" prices on the second day - bundling the books like 5 for $1 and then offer box flats of household misc items for a couple of bucks and do clothing bags, a bag for a few dollars like $2 or $3....

What suggestions might you have for a successful garage sale?  Our thrift stores have gone sky high and we want to MOVE this stuff out.  We would like to make some money for the effort but whatever is left over will be going to Gently Used Resale store which is nearby our home town.

I welcome your thoughts/suggestions/opinions.


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