Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Amazing blogs make me feel like a slacker....

I just have to give a nod, high five and a standing ovation to many of the bloggers out there, especially the ones I have linked on the right column (right over there and down a little, see the list???), for the stamina to blog every single day AND show off their projects and process.  I give a shout out to:

Oh, Fransson!

Her quilts are auh-maze-ing!!!  She has created and is working on a Space Invader quilt that is simply divine.  As a kid who grew up in the 80's I am uber jealous of her nephew and this awesome quilt he will be getting.  Way Cool!!!!! 

Oh and have you been to:

Cute Cupcakes.  All The Time

She posts the most clever, unordinary, special cupcakes I have ever seen on her site.  I mean, WHAT???  The ideas the execution, get outta here.  I like cupcakes but those are masterpieces!!

And if you haven't visited:

The Ivy Cottage Blog

Check out this Mardi Gras Bead Lamp.  I would have seen that lamp at the store and thought it was awesome but never would have thought to use mardi gras beeds and silver paint to re-create that lamp on a budget. 

Oh and you will just be hysterical reading:

Thrifty Crafty Girl

Her blog is so dang funny and real.  She puts together the coolest vignettes and then tells you how to put it together for yourself.  I love her stuff!!

I have been so crazy busy with work, DAR keeping on top of my "life" that I am still working on that first tote bag that I started over 11 days ago.  Seriously I feel like a slacker.

So here is my plan, tonight NO TV, nothing.  There is nothing on Wednesday's nights to watch don't even turn it on!!  Finish that first tote, take some pics for posting.  Get 2nd tote cut, and fused with interfacing and ready to sew.  Ladies you inspire me, tonight I make no excuses and take no prisoners - the work will get done.  :)  As the saying goes in one of my favorite movies, "Chop, chop Owen!" 

Have a wonderful day, live, love and create.

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  1. I am dying to see this tote you've been talking about! I can't wait 'til it's done!