Monday, November 21, 2011

An inspiration from my friend over at The Ivy Cottage Blog

Thanks to my friend Amanda, over at her blog The Ivy Cottage Blog, I was inspired to try a lamp revamp all on my own.  Thanks Amanda.  Please check out her blog, The Ivy Cottage and in particular this post of a lamp revamp
On Friday night after work I stopped by my local Goodwill store and found two amazing lamps that I thought could use a revamp and I got busy.  I didn't think to take before pics so I apologize for that first off.  Please trust me when I tell you they were Hideous!!!

They both were really heavy, substantial in size and weight with impressed me.  The first lamp was a 1980's throw back with a hunter green middle section that reminds me of a pineapple with peeling gold plastic above and below the pineapple.  I was immediately struck with the idea to paint it white, a flat white.  Here is the end results"

Here is the second lamp that started out in a hideous bronze that tapered into a brownish kind of color the closer it got to the center of the lap.  I looked at it and thought, metallic silver for sure.  Here is the after picture. 

I love how they both turned out, don't you?  Now I begin the search for the perfect shades.  Does anyone have a favorite blog tutorial to make a shade or maybe you can think of a store that has a good selection of shades that I should peruse in my quest.  Thank you tremendously to The Ivy Cottage for sharing her wonderful idea of upcycleing.  I love it and it really inspired me. 

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