Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Helpful tools or money wasters?

I am always looking for tools that will help do a craft project and make the process easier or consistant.  My latest purchase is a stow n go from the big box store WM.  My thought was to get this tote to put all my most commonly used sewing items in so over the holidays I can take it with me to my moms and work on projects there or to my sister's house and work there.  I am thinking that I will be multitasking, when in reality I will probably be yammering away, drinking some wine and eating turkey, but one can dream, right??  Well here is the bag I got for $20.00 and after filling it I am thinking that it will be making it's way back to WM.  What do you think??  Would you use something like this? 

It is much smaller once I really looked it over at home.
All 4 plastic keepers were identical in the layout and couldn't be changed, you could only add more seperators.
The tag indicated that the top zipped all the way down on one side so you could look in at your keepers like shelves, but the true layout is you stand them up on end and have no idea what is inside them.
It cost $20.00!

I actually liked the concept.
I like the color, I'm a purple girl.  (Not over the top purple like screaming 80's but I like purple)
I thought it would be an easy way to put together a travel sewing kit. 

Once I got the sections filled I put them back in the bag, here are the pics of that part.

 First box goes in, pretty easy.
 Second box goes in, just as easy
 Third box goes in smoothly too.....
 Fourth box was a struggle, you have to slip it in between 2 and 3 because the edge of the bag won't accomodate the width of the box, stupid design.
Side pocket that I thought I could put all my scissors in, this made the bag way too heavy and the two side pockets are really worthless.  I don't think this is going to be the best option.  So, I think it is going back to WM, unfortunately I have way too much stuff to put into this small bag and I really don't like the layout of the keeper boxes.  I am off to hunt for a different sewing kit box/bag.  Do you have a favorite sewing bag?  Please post a pic in the comments or send me the pic at  Have a great day. 

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  1. I like the concept of the bag, but I'm with you, I wish the boxes had different layouts to fit different things.