Saturday, November 5, 2011

Holy Frijoles

I enjoyed my day off immensely.  I was up at 3 am, why.....don't ask it is a long story.  I got up and started cutting the fabric for the first market tote.  My thought is to make the one for me so if I make mistakes I will do so on mine and then when I get to the other totes I will be more confident.  So far the bag is going really well.  I have added an interior double pocket, one for a cell and the other for just the little things that we always lose at the bottom of a purse or tote. 

Inside of the tote, working, working, working....

I picked up my scrips, shopped at Walgreens, oh I have some neat finds from there look at these pretty scarves....

They were on sale for $5 and I have to tell you they are sooooo soft and really long.  Love them!

Look at this cool compact, it starts out as an eyeshadow compact then after you used up the eyeshadow you take the black plastic part out and voila it becomes a business card holder.   Ah -- MAZE -- Ing!!

They had these in pink, clear and black, this one was the most fun.

Then I stopped at a garage sale.  It was FREEZING outside but I couldn't resist.  Well I went in and found these cool things, a gray serving bowl, serving platter and a variety of knitting needles.

I have a real thing for kitchen items that  are older and whimsical.  I love that platter.  I can't wait to use it for Thanksgiving.  Won't it be so pretty with some slices of turkey and ham spread out over it?  And the gray bowl won't it be lovely with the bright red Cranberry Chutney?  The knitting needles I got 10 pair, all different sizes for 40 cents, SHUT UP!  They are metal, which I love and are sizes from 1 to 8 with some duplicates of some sizes. 

And here is what's left of the donuts.....
That one in the middle is filled with apples or cherries, the first one I ate was filled with cherries.  Delicious!  I just wanted to share some pics with you. 

What a productive day it was.  Yea!!

Have a wonderful day today and don't forget to set your clocks back tonight by one hour, and enjoy that extra hour of sleep tonight.


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  1. My two-year old wakes up at about 5am most mornings, so I will not be enjoying an extra hour of sleep... but I'm happy (and jealous) that everyone else will!