Saturday, November 5, 2011

The postman always rings twice.....

Yea, yippee!  I got a box yesterday from Nancy's Notions.  I love her shows and I think her website is one of the best and has some really cool items and hard to find items.  When I first started sewing my best friend Becky taught me to use pattern tracing paper and not cut up your patterns, why, because your size may change over the years and your patterns will last so much longer. 

Well I went all over south central Kansas and couldn't find any rolls of tracing paper.  I could find packages of small (8 x 11) size tracing paper, but no rolls.  I checked every quilt shop, fabric shop, big box retailer (which I knew would NOT have it but had to make sure myself).  I remembered giving a roll to my sister, I called her and she was using it so I couldn't ask her to give it back.  The internet search began. 

There are some on other sites but at Nancy's Notions she has a great deal for 2 rolls.  Here is a link:

Tracing Paper for Patterns

I was excited to get the 2 rolls and the bonus inside was not only a coupon code for my next purchase but also a Universal Klasse' 80/12 needle.  Now you might not find this very exciting but I love getting extras in the mail and especially if it is something that is useful to me.  YEA!  Check out her site the next time you are looking for some special notion.

Enjoy your day and the blessings that you are given. 

My Best,

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