Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homemade Christmas

We are finally going to do it this year, we are going to full out do homemade Christmas gifts.  God blessed me with this knack of inspiring others with my enthusiasm to do stuff.  I get jazzed about sewing, quilting and knitting and I practically burst telling my sisters and mom about my latest project.  This year I decided to make my mom and sisters a tote bag and fill it with more homemade goodies.  My plan is to make 6 bags (one for me too), 6 lap quilts, 6 mini aprons for your counter dish soap container, lavender sachets for the delicates drawers and other neat things that I can stuff in that tote.  I already purchased the material for 3 of the six bags and will post a picture tonight of the combinations I have chosen.  I am going to have to modify the pattern to include a couple of inside pockets but that should be pretty easy.  Here are the fabric selections I have made so far.

 I like this blue for me - I just fell in love with the brown cord and the circles.  LOVE IT!!  LOVE IT!!

 The little cowboys is for my mom, she thought they were cute and the leather will be a surprise since the last time we talked I suggested denim for the bottom, but I am sure she will love it just the same.
 This is the fabric for my sister Julie, I think she will love the brightness of the pink and the cool flowers. 

My youngest sister picked out this combination, not exactly my favorite but she liked it and I will enjoy making it for her. 

I am making these totes based on a tutorial for a market tote I saw on another blog  Bijou Lovely Designs.  Since these are gifts and I have no intention of selling them or producing them for profit I think I can linky her blog on here. 

What do you think of the fabrics, have you made totes or these totes specifically?  How did yours turn out.  I would love to see pics. 

Have a wonderful day.


  1. I am envious of your commitment to make the gifts this year! We have small children and I'm not sure how that would go... but we are aiming to go with toys that do not have batteries this year!

  2. Thanks for linking to my tutorial! Good luck sewing your totes, they are perfect for Christmas gifts. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures when they're finished :)